Intelligent Article Surveillance & RFID-Ready EAS: Future-Proof Your Loss Prevention Solution

Need smarter loss prevention, but you are not ready to upgrade or make the switch to RFID yet?

No problem. With Rays-ME RFID-ready EAS solutions, you can have both. Initially, your article surveillance solution will be equipped with an RF detection that easily can be upgraded. When you are ready, easily apply the upgrade and you will have a hybrid RF/RFID antenna or RFID-only EAS antenna system.

No need to rip and replace your security gates: The RFID reader can be simply clipped into the already installed pedestal. The existing pedestal and electronics can stay in place. This way you can quickly roll-out RFID to hundreds of stores while protecting your investment in the EAS security systems.

Today, many retailers consider RFID technology to improve their stock accuracy. RFID is also an ideal solution for a retail loss prevention system because it can tell you WHAT was stolen, not just THAT something was taken.

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No matter whether RFID-based EAS is the first or final part of your RFID roll-out, with Rays-ME RFID readers, you have a scalable, future-proof solution to permanently reduce the losses in your stores.

  • High-performance, sleek RFID readers that perfectly fit in a retail store environment.
  • Complete RFID solution. Rays-ME offers a complete portfolio of RFID readers, POS solutions, and labels.
  • Best in-store RFID performance. Rays-ME solutions include stray tag filtering & direction detection.
  • Global standards.  All solutions are GS1 EPC Gen 2 compliant.
  • Online device management. Rays-ME provides hassle-free remote support & firmware updates.
  • Network integration. Our solutions include open API’s for easy integration with 3rd party and legacy systems.