We just had an incredible experience with Rays-ME.  They were on time for our first meeting.  They explained everything very clearly — his suggestions, reasoning, timing, and pricing.  They came and did exactly what he said he would do exactly how he said he would do it.  Their is a turn-key operation — he took care of everything, including drywall and painting. At the end, they spent a lot of time explaining to each member of our family how everything works.  And they clearly loves his work — he got so excited when he saw how perfect the job was and how happy we were.

Eric; Al Qusais.

We just had an incredible experience with Rays-ME

Dr. Patel.

Rays- Me installed a sophisticated intercom system and were remarkably efficient and effective in installing all the necessary equipment.

They were nice, polite, talented, and funny. They problem-solved any difficulties on the spot and answered all of my many questions patiently and clearly. they were trustworthy, knowledgeable, and very savvy.

Their pricing was upfront, and they told me that I don’t have to pay a cent until I’m fully satisfied. It’s hard to find such service in UAE these day.

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this company for anyone’s security system’s needs.

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this company for anyone’s security system’s needs.

April 11th, 2017

To whom it may concern,

My name is Amit.
This email is to recognize Rays-ME that they has been a volunteer with the organization and has helped us in prior events. During our Arts Fair 2017 we needed security measures put in place to make sure that everyone was safe and that all measures were taken seriously in the event of an emergency.
A Free Bird is dealing with children 4-18, security is extremely important to us especially for events like this and the events are in the public and children are distracted with arts activities. His ability to oversee and operate as a leader in the security system is extremely important for an organization such as A Free Bird. After the Arts Fair they also become a sponsor of the Arts Fair has committed to volunteer with us and donate his time and service in any event that children are attending.
They graciously donated his time to help move certain items from our events and bring to our storage unit and also along with his team donated their time to reinstall our intercom system to make sure it is working properly for our office.
We highly recommend Rays-ME for any events to execute full security and safety.


I was really apprehensive about getting my CCTV installed with all wires running into the wall as this job just seemed messy, laborious, and expensive. After receiving many quotes from different companies, I didn’t just choose Rays-ME because it was the best value; I chose it because Doron is genuinely talented and knowledgeable and I liked his style.
They took the longest to explain how it worked (and were most patient because I don’t understand these tech-related things), and they even helped us with non-tv related internet issues.
They cleaned up after themselves and were in great humor throughout the entire process (which was not easy, drilling into walls and connecting wires doesn’t seem like fun).
The best part – A few weeks afterwards, we made a mistake and broke one of our wires, we called Doron at night, he stayed with us on the phone to help us fix it, then called over the next day when we couldn’t fix it.
This service went beyond what we paid for and expected, and the thoroughness of the service I will not forget. I wholeheartedly will use them again and would recommend them to anyone.